Diamond Sawcutting Services

Track, Wire, Hand and Electric Floor Sawing

For a number of years, Speed Drill Ltd has led the field of diamond sawcutting in the UK. We were the first company in the country to pioneer the latest high frequency track saws, and we’re always on the lookout for new methods and equipment that will deliver you the best possible results.


Track Sawing

The high frequency track saws we use have revolutionised health and safety in our industry. Doing away with hydraulic hoses, and being easily portable, these new saws allow a single operative to carry out work that would otherwise have taken a whole team – allowing you to benefit from a faster, more cost effective service.



Husqvarna Ringsaw

Floor Sawing and Electric Floor Sawing

We provide a range of floor sawing services for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Outdoor concrete and asphalt sawing is done by a high-powered diamond-edged gasoline saw, while indoor work is handled by our top of the line electric floor saws.


Hilti Wiresaw

Wire Sawing

In the case of very thick structures too large for a track saw blade to penetrate, we utilise diamond wire sawing technology. This uses a wire rope impregnated with diamond beads, which can be cut and joined to virtually any length required.

The diamond wire is wrapped around the structure and uniformly drawn through under constant pressure until the cut is complete – it’s as quick and easy as cutting a block of cheese.


ICS Chainsaw

Hand Sawing

When you need delicate or precision sawing work, our operatives will use the latest equipment to saw your floors, walls or other materials by hand, creating a perfect finish each and every time. And our Aqua-Vac removal system means that our water-fed hand and chainsaws eradicate dust while simultaneously removing the resulting water slurry.

For more information on our diamond sawcutting services, please contact us now.