Controlled Demolition Services

Helping You Dismantle Structures Safely

Whether you need a whole structure demolished, or just a portion that’s holding up or delaying a new expansion or build, Speed Drill will help.

Our expert operatives have the skills and know-how to ensure any project is handled with a minimum of noise, dust or flying debris. This means that when we start work, your organisation doesn’t need to stop.

darda splitter

Drilling and Bursting

Drilling and bursting allows us to remove mass and reinforced concrete walls and floors quickly, safely, and without creating unnecessary debris or waste.

By using diamond drilling, we create holes in the section that needs removing, before using our hydraulic bursting equipment to crack the concrete with the application of pressure. The cracked material can then be removed quickly, without disrupting nearby rooms or creating huge volumes of noise or dust.

Edilgrappa Pincer

Hydraulic Crunching

Our hydraulic crunching service allows us to demolish reinforced concrete flooring, stairs and walls under controlled conditions. Our operative uses the latest equipment to put concrete under huge amounts of destructive pressure – and because this is all done hydraulically, noise and dust is kept to a minimum.



To eradicate Hand Arm Vibration, and safeguard our operatives’ long term health, Speed Drill has invested heavily into the latest Brokk remotely controlled demolition robots.

These electrically powered machines are suitable for use inside all buildings and confined spaces, and can negotiate single doorways and staircases with ease. This allows us to carry out controlled demolitions in almost any location – which is why we used our demolition robots while decommissioning redundant bank vaults and forming large door openings within the basement corridor walls of Parliament.

If you require our quiet, clean and controlled demolition services, please get in touch today.